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It is amazing how the growth of the Internet has revolutionised the way the world does business. Where store fronts displayed posters, newspaper and magazine ads were the way to advertise not so long ago, the Internet has put an entirely new face on the world of marketing. That is why Internet marketing growth in Australia has been increasing at incredible rates making Australian companies available to consumers all around the world.

Online advertising in Australia alone has revenues surpassing the $1 billion mark as of 2006 and is showing a year-over-year growth of 62%. General advertising accounted for 48% of advertising revenues, classified ads accounted for 49%, and directories accounted for 60%. Overall, the Internet marketing business in Australia totalled $1.01 billion in Australia for 2006 and is forecasted to reach the $2.95 billion mark in 2010.

Who was the big winner in the race for the most successful Internet marketing program? Well, that would be Google with such programs as Google Ad Words making a huge impact on paid search revenues and it is thought that Google will contribute to paid search revenues reaching a phenomenal total of $975 million by the beginning of 2011 or maybe even the end of 2010. With growth reaching such large proportions, it is possible that the revenues will exceed the projections because of the increase in the online presence of businesses.

You cannot count out traditional methods of Internet marketing. Online classified ad programs account for thirty percent of the Internet marketing growth in Australia. Modelled after the print newspaper, classified ads made their debut early in the Internet marketing game and they still continue to be the preferred method of those looking to advertise on the Internet and those looking to buy a particular product or service.

The ever growing ad campaigns are taking the Internet by storm. Programs such as Google Ad Words have made for a very powerful marketing mechanism. Paid search revenues are more than just the latest trend in Internet marketing in Australia and around the world. Paid search revenues are projected to continue to increase faster than initially anticipated. This is great news for Australia in the way of Internet marketing because Australian businesses can expose themselves all around the world.

So to achieve this worldwide presence, the options in Internet marketing are there and readily available. With Australia contributing so much to the world of Internet marketing, it is no wonder why the numbers are projected to continue to climb at amazing rates. Again, the projection is $2.95 billion by the year 2010. That is $1.94 billion more than the overall growth achieved by the year 2006. That is almost double the revenues achieved since the beginning of Internet marketing, which means a bright future for Australia and its economy thanks to the wonderful possibilities made available by the Internet marketing.

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