SME Solutions

Shivam’s SME solutions are designed to fuel profitable, sustainable and competitive growth in dynamic markets among our clients. These solutions provide the best possible tools, techniques and technologies in business intelligence, business management and mobile capabilities, all of which are crucial to becoming the leader in your market niche.

Plenty of Opportunities

With our solutions in place, you have the opportunities to:

  • Improve cash flow, profit margins and asset management across all sectors
  • Streamline supply chains for higher cost-efficiency and better supplier relationships
  • Strengthen customer relations including customer relationship management
  • Increase employee productivity with our mobile software solutions
  • Minimise information technology disruptions, thus, lessening system downtime and security risk

Indeed, our SME solutions are a must for effective and efficient management of day-to-day operations as well as in the smart choices toward expansions.

Our SME Systems

We at Shivam Technologies pride ourselves on the wide range of products and services related to SME systems. You can choose from these systems:

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications for the integration of end-to-end business processes

  • Automation, integration and management of financial processes including the accounting system
  • Management of inventory across multiple locations
  • Strengthen customer relations with excellent post-sales support and lead generation system
  • Management of information on an on-the-go basis via mobile software solutions

Industry-specific solutions for the achievement of streamlined operations, sustainable growth and strong financial performance

  • More effective management of services in finance, human resources and operations including corporate services
  • Better customer relationship management from marketing and sales to post-sales services
  • Superior procurement and sourcing processes
  • Smarter strategic decisions due to effective operational and financial analysis tools

Software as a service (SaaS) SME solutions designed for small and medium-sized enterprises with the benefits of large-scale management solutions

  • Accelerate processes in customer relations, human resources, and finance as well as in supply and procurement
  • Access business functions anytime, anywhere with mobile solutions
  • Make smarter decisions from reliable information generated by integrated analytics and reporting
  • Streamline end-to-end processes across all aspects of the organization
  • Be secure in the excellent services rendered by SAP experts in the management of your SME solutions in secure data centres

Entry-level software solutions that deliver crucial business insights

  • Create and share dashboards complete with interactive features
  • Transform raw data into reliable and actionable information for use in decision-making processes
  • Perform ad hoc analysis and query on data sources

Indeed, our SME solutions are one of the best in Australia, We deliver on no less than the best products, services and solutions because that’s what Shivam Technologies stands for.

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  • We engaged Shivam to undertake web based application work with very ambitious timelines. I was particularly impressed with the speed with which they translated our needs into technical solutions, with outline options returned often the same day as our initial discussions..
    IDP Education Limited
  • Without the system developed by Shivam Technologies we would not be able to operate a successful business. Clients are able to buy on-line, suppliers are able to manage their offers real time and we have a powerful administration system enabling us to manage everything behind the scenes.
    Infinite Rewardsl
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