Project Management

Project management is the art and science of planning, organising and mobilising as well as maximising resources toward the achievement of specific goals.

The resources usually include monetary assets like cash and non-monetary assets on which monetary values can be placed such as equipment, machinery and property as well as manpower.

Normal business operations and special projects are two different undertakings. Although certain management skills, software solutions and available resources are necessary for both to be successful endeavours, there are significant distinctions between the two that require specialised skills, solutions and resources.

This is where Shivam Technologies offers custom made project management software.

What is it?

The best project management solution has the capacity to assist the project manager and his staff in planning, organising and managing resources as well as in developing resource estimates. The actual features and functions of the software largely depend on the requirements agreed upon by our designers and developers here at Shivam Technologies and the clients. Keep in mind that our solutions are customisable as per business requirements.

What can it do?

Our customisable solutions can perform the following tasks:

  • Scheduling of the sequences of project activities such as assigning resources (i.e., cash and equipment), manpower, and dates (i.e., start and end) to such activities. This is made possible via automated scheduling tools that provide support for critical path and critical chain methods, activity cost accounting, and resource assignment and levelling, among others. 
  • Providing reliable and relevant information for use by stakeholders in project management. Typical information requirements include duration of the project, early warning of project risks, and cost maintenance, among others. The solution can also be counted on to provide evidence (i.e., computerized audit trail), workload information useful in holiday planning, and comparisons of target and actual performance.

Shivam Technologies project management software is one of the most cost-efficient and results-effective investments in automated solutions for organisations engaged in projects. Your personnel will be able to focus their time, energy and effort on project management matters that require the human touch, so to speak. Your customised project management solution will perform the tasks and activities that can be automated, thus, facilitating smarter decision-making processes.

Some of the benefits of working with us on your Project Management solution includes…

  • Preparation of project charters
  • Roles and responsibilities clearly defined
  • Cost-effective product
  • Customised project management solution delivered
  • Supporting your business through our helpdesk system

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  • We engaged Shivam to undertake web based application work with very ambitious timelines. I was particularly impressed with the speed with which they translated our needs into technical solutions, with outline options returned often the same day as our initial discussions..
    IDP Education Limited
  • Without the system developed by Shivam Technologies we would not be able to operate a successful business. Clients are able to buy on-line, suppliers are able to manage their offers real time and we have a powerful administration system enabling us to manage everything behind the scenes.
    Infinite Rewardsl
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