How important is an Intranet Solution for your Organisation?

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In 2012, at the Global Intranet Innovation Awards, several Australian companies emerged as winners.

Below is a snapshot of the winners.


NSW Department of Education (Australia) takes a radically new approach to delivering a staff portal to over 140,000 staff, drawing on the best thinking from the web.

Urbis (Australia) gives life to ‘big data’, by providing senior managers with a commercial dashboard that helps to drive business success.

Scott Corporation (Australia) shows how the intranet can reach on-the-road staff such as truck drivers, to streamline a key business process, and improve safety and compliance.


These days as organisations grow and complexities increase, they are looking for one thing and that is managing the business. Intranet Solutions offer the ability for business to communicate, inform and collaborate with their staff in the fastest and often, safest way as these companies have shown above.

The key to a successful Intranet Solution is that it allows for information dissemination across various levels in the organisation which allows for employees to perform their functions effectively and deliver on time results. An Intranet Solution allow for an online file storage system which can be accessed by authorised staff. This saves time and forgoes the risk of e-mail exchanges of sensitive material.

An Intranet can also provide news, important company announcements as well as reports and other important information such as frequently requested documents such as leave forms, sick leave forms and more.

There are two critical considerations to consider before you get an Intranet developer for your Intranet Solution.

Why does your organisation require Intranet Solutions?

First of all you need to find the objectives of implementing an intranet. What do you expect out of the solution? Do you think that information sharing can help speed up the work process?

How complex do you want to make it?

This is something to consider. Do you just want minimum functionality or do you want advanced features such as corporate directory, calendar, data archives, bulletin boards and much more.

Who can access it?

Depending on the complexity of the solution, you will need to decide who gets access to the Intranet. Is this going to be used company-wide? Are there going to be security restrictions at department levels? (Accounts cannot access Management Folders and vise-versa).

At the end of the day, the main reason an organisation would consider an Intranet is to manage the information in the company more effectively. It is to streamline and manage the online content, distribution and maintenance of business processes. From a management perspective, sales, projects, process, content can all run easily with a proper workflow in place. It is for that reason that most companies prefer a custom Intranet Solution for their business.

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