Squeeze Page Design

Shivam understands the importance of a squeeze page which is also called a landing page, capture page etc. This page is extremely important as it collects /captures information about the visitors to your site. Our experienced staff will create a single , yet powerful webpage which includes, attention grabbing headline, bullet point benefits and a form requesting name and e-mail address. The form does not point to any website or links. The visitors can only do 2 things. Subscribe or leave.

Squeeze Page Design Advantages

Own List

Imagine the feeling of having your own opt-in list. Not bought for some ridiculous price. It will be the greatest asset you have.


When created by a professional who has background in Internet Marketing and SEO strategies, a squeeze page no longer becomes just a squeeze page but a very powerful SEO tool as well.

What Shivam Can Offer

Unique Squeeze Page

We strongly believe in quality and have our own team of designers who will build a unique squeeze page. You rather have a unique design and graphics than copy that of some template which another 100 competitors of yours are using for the same products and services! Each squeeze page design we deliver is unique and created specifically for you and your business opportunity, product and target audience.

Squeeze Page and Internet Marketing

A designer creates every squeeze page with a background in Internet Marketing. This deadly combination means that you get a squeeze page that has been designed to brand you and build your list! We understand the unique needs of internet and affiliate marketers. We know all about squeeze pages.

Time Is Of Essence

Your new squeeze page is top priority. You will get your first draft within 7 days of your order.

Quality Wins- Hands Down

We spend hours on each design, making necessary tweaks and changes until it's "just right". You’ll never get a boring unprofessional design from us. In fact, we do not take on too many We do not skimp on quality just to process more orders.

Shivam strongly believes that a squeeze page can convince your visitor to stay and read all the information on the page to make an informed decision. With a solid squeeze page, your company will be enjoying increased business for a long time to come.

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  • Since we began working with Shivam Technologies we have seen a significant reduction in administrative time and effort, coupled with a large increase in registrations on our courses and programs. This is a testament to Shivam Technologies’ ability to develop a sophisticated administrative system, full on-line capabilities and an extremely effective website for Engineering Education Australia.
    Engineering Education Australia
  • As the General Manager for Petplan Australasia (Australia and NZ based), Ford Kinter and Associates and Petcover.com.au the main difficulty facing our businesses across the board was the management of our websites. Before Shivam was introduced to us we had issues even..
    Petplan & Petplan Equine

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