On Page Optimisation

Among the most rudimentary aspects of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is seeing to it that the pages within a website are as accessible as possible to the search engines. It is not just the homepage of a website that can be indexed, but also the internal pages inside a site's structure. The inside pages of a site frequently contain crucial content such as products, services or other information, and can therefore be uniquely optimised for associated terms. Easy access to these pages is therefore vital.

On page Optimisation Benefits

Finding and indexing web pages

Search engines use "robots" to look for content on the web for inclusion in their index. A robot is a computer program that can follow the hyperlinks on a web page, which is known as "crawling". When a robot finds a document it includes the contents within the search engine's index, then follows the next links it can find and continues the process of crawling and indexing. With this in mind, it becomes apparent that the navigational structure of a website is important in getting as many pages as possible indexed.

Website navigation structure

While considering the navigational structure of a website, the content hierarchy should be considered. Search engines gauge what they feel to be the most crucial pages of a site when looking at rankings. A page's position in the site structure can determine this. The homepage is normally considered the most crucial page of a site. It's the top level document and usually attracts the most inbound links. From this point, search engine robots can generally reach pages that are inside three clicks of the homepage. Consequently, the most important pages must be one click away, the next important two clicks away and so on.

Content categorisation

A natural way to organise content on a website is to categorise it. Categorisation is natural optimisation - the further information is broken down, the more content can be provided and the more niche key phrases can be targeted.

Adding a sitemap

Adding a sitemap to a website also helps to ensure that important pages get indexed. A sitemap is an index page - a list of links to all of the pages within a site contained on one page. By linking to a sitemap from the homepage it gives a robot easy access to all of the pages within the website. As robots typically can't follow more than hundred links from one page, larger sites require spreading the sitemap across several pages.

On-page Optimisation – How Can Shivam Help

There are many considerations to make when optimising a website for search engines, and making all important pages accessible to search engine robots. Shivam’s experienced staff keep up- to- date with the latest strategies to ensure that your website is fully optimised for search engines, to help maintain high rankings.

Shivam offers the following for on-site optimisation:

  • Applying the proposed web site structure in terms of links and dynamics of better search engine indexing
  • Creating meta tags to implement your keyword list(Title, Keyword, description) after identifying target
  • keywords for every page on your website
  • HTML code optimisation which includes adding headings, image alt tags and proper hyperlinks
  • HTML code clean up and optimisation to improve keyword density
  • Editing and copy writing the content to make on page relevancy in terms of targeted keywords.

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