E-mail Marketing

One of the most successful marketing communications in recent years has to Email marketing. This popular form of communication is much cheaper than other forms of communication. If done ethically, email driven marketing can prove to be successful.

E-mail Marketing Introduction

For customer retention and acquisition, many organisations are turning to newsletter or emails offering marketing content. Email marketing solutions make customer communication more efficient and improve the productivity of the marketing team. A highlight of email marketing is that it allows targeting of prospects as well as informing your current client base of new developments in the company. An effective e-mail marketing campaign allows for prospects to be directed to your website and thus a direct sale is more likely.

E-mail Marketing Benefits

A unique way to sell your products and services is through creatively writing your e-mail. With the world highly connected, the possibility to tap into new markets is very real. So, it makes sense to use e-mail marketing.

An E-mail Marketing Campaign offers the following benefits:

  • Permission based only
  • Offering value added services to existing clients
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Gain a competitive edge over your competitors

At Shivam, we put in place specific strategies for our clients to improve their email marketing deliverability. We ensure their communications are delivered to the maximum percentage of recipients. We also offer tracking the performance of customer marketing efforts from communication to transaction.

Some of the benefits working with us include:

  • The use of permission based marketing only
  • We guide you in selecting the best e-mail marketing software to use for your requirements
  • We assist in helping you set up and run your campaign
  • We provide reporting
  • Supporting your business through our helpdesk system

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