Off Page Optimisation

The exact way in which the search engines rank the pages of a web site is not known to anyone outside of the inner circle of engineers working for Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. However there are some general principles on what is considered to be positive factors that can influence your rankings.

These factors relate mainly to the quality and quantity of incoming links to the site. Although outgoing links also play a part, they are not as important as incoming links.

Benefits of On Topic Theme Content

Based on a website’s content, the search engines determine the theme of the site and the relevance of individual pages to the theme. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to focus on a niche topic and not go too broad.

Search engines look for sites that appear to be natural and not contrived to beat their algorithms. If a website has a lot of incoming links but they all go to the same page, this would not appear to be natural. Similarly if lots of links come from the same site or even the same server, this would raise alarm signals with the search engines and they could penalise a website’s rankings.

Off-Page Optimisation – How Can Shivam Help?

Shivam understands that SEO is not an exact science… a page could rank number one with Yahoo and not even be in the top 100 with Google. Similarly, a page that ranks well today could rank poorly tomorrow. Our SEO methods will ensure that your website will be optimised so that your rakings will rise in major search engines and stay on the top.

We have a number of methods we use for effective off-page optimisation of your site.

Article Marketing

At Shivam we have experienced writers who write keyword rich articles on topics that are closely related to your business type, while making sure that the article provides good content for the reader. Every article submitted to article submission sites will have a resource box section that will contain your sales info including an (anchor text) link or two pointing to your Web site. You could have a terrific product and a wonderful sales strategy, but without the targeted traffic your online business could be going no-where.

Social Bookmarking Submission

Our experienced SEO staff will manually submit your site to the most popular sites like dig, stumble and so on. Every manual submission is carefully worded and keyword rich to ensure maximum exposure to your website.

Directory Submission

Shivam will submit your website to over 300 online directories on the site. These directories are like the phone books of the Internet and our experienced staff are well trained in listing your sites in the category that best suits the website for maximum exposure.

Search Engine Submission

Shivam will directly submit your website to search engines. Yahoo , Google and MSN are the main three followed by another 300-500 search engines. This is very important for Search Engine Optimisation of your website and creating awareness of your web presence.

With the above strategies put in place, your website will be made more visible on the Internet which in turn will allow for users to come across your website on the World Wide Web.

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