Keyword Analysis

With the advance of information technology in our lives and the internet revolution conventional competition and marketing has seen a sea change. Nowadays products have to be marketed on the internet aggressively to compete and remain in the market.

Competing for keywords

There internet has billions of websites which are increasing every second. The regular internet surfer cannot remember addresses of all websites. They can bookmark some websites but most of the time they have to search for new products, topics, and news. They go to search engines to check the relevant websites. As competition is already severe in all niches, webmasters have to work hard to remain competent and relevant in the eyes of major search engines like Google to bring visitors and new customers for their niche keywords and to remain at top in their niche.

Niche Keywords- How Can Shivam Help?

At Shivam webmasters and internet marketers know the exact competition for our customers’ niche keywords and are aware of competition levels for search engine optimisation. Given the importance of search engine optimisation for websites to rank high for their niche keywords requires technical information about competitor web pages.

Our webmasters obtain information on our clients’ competitor web pages, such as number of back links of domain (BLD), page rank of domain (PRD), back link to web page (BLP), page rank of web page (PRP) and most importantly information about all in anchor, title and text rank of their competitor web pages in Google. Our webmasters and marketers can obtain all the technical information required to assess competition levels for their niche keyword at one place in a very comprehensive format.

Shivam will help your business discover many keywords of traffic generating niche keywords related to your industry which will make your internet marketing strategy a sure winner against your competitors.

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  • With rankings on the first page in Google for five words key to my business, I have found Shivam Technologies delivered more than the outcomes they promised. The internet is now a core source of my lead generation activity.
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