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You’ve Worked Hard At Establishing An Impeccable Business Reputation. Would You Ruin It By Hosting Your Website With A Hosting Company That Guarantees Anything Less Than a 99% Uptime?

Establishing a reputation for your company takes years of effort. Providing quality products and services, exceptional customer service and continuous innovation is what sets you apart. To grow your business further you need to take your business online. You can reach a whole new market, customers you probably didn’t even know existed.

Making sure your business never sleeps

While an online presence offers tremendous benefits, as with any opportunity there are associated risks. One of the major risks is a website that frequently crashes or loads too slowly. Both of which can easily lead to frustrated prospects and customers, leaving your website and picking another one on their list.

Fortunately this is a problem that can easily be avoided by choosing the right web hosting company. With our 99% uptime, the chances of your website not being found are extremely remote.

Why cheap is not always best on the internet

While there are website hosting packages that may offer cheap rates, their servers may not be able to support a large number of users and you may find yourself with a website that is online only half the time. Shivam Technologies is a reputable hosting company that keeps clients’ best interests in mind and manages your website to ensure it is always up and running.

We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer support. Our knowledgeable and friendly consultants will guide you through any challenge you may be facing and will make all efforts to ensure that business always operates smoothly. As an additional precaution, we provide virus and hacker protection for your total peace of mind.

Building websites that you can easily manage

Just like a traditional business, doing business requires continuous activity to remain competitive. Product updates, special offers, policy changes all need to communicated to your customers. Which will require frequent changes to the content of your website. At Shivam, we provide an interface that is easy to use so that you can easily manage your website by uploading text, images and video whenever you want.

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We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner technology company based in Melbourne, Australia... more

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  • Since we began working with Shivam Technologies we have seen a significant reduction in administrative time and effort, coupled with a large increase in registrations on our courses and programs. This is a testament to Shivam Technologies’ ability to develop a sophisticated administrative system, full on-line capabilities and an extremely effective website for Engineering Education Australia.
    Engineering Education Australia
  • As the General Manager for Petplan Australasia (Australia and NZ based), Ford Kinter and Associates and the main difficulty facing our businesses across the board was the management of our websites. Before Shivam was introduced to us we had issues even..
    Petplan & Petplan Equine
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