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Infinite RewardsInfinite Rewards had an ambitious vision – to deliver a rewards program that provided excellent services and products to customers and delivered valuable marketing information to its program partners with a minimum of management. They needed a simple and accessible website which could be white labelled for their partners and their customers could access to find out about the programs partners rewards as well as purchase discounted products from the site itself. They needed for Infinite Rewards staff to be able to administrate the sites members, partners, offers and report on collected marketing and registration data. Partners also needed to be able to manage their member’s information, add new offers and perform their own reporting on their members.


Shivam provided a 3 part solution. First, a simple public website that would describe the programs and offers that Infinite Rewards provides and entice new members and partners to Infinite Rewards.

Secondly, a members site (which could be white labelled for different partners) that members could log into and view offers available to them, view and print vouchers and update their personal details. Partners receive a unique Uri for their members to use, ie:

Finally an administrative site which would allow addition of membership plans, new members, addition and review of offers to be shown on the member’s site, addition and management of new partners and reporting on the valuable data collected from members. The scope of the user’s access depended on whether the user was an IR staff member or partner.

The some of these components provided an end to end solution for IR to offer partner programs and direct memberships, content deliver and store access as well as a complete administrative solution for IR staff and partners alike.

The solution was deployed using Windows 2008 ASP.Net 3.5 and SQL Server 2005.

Website Design

A strongly structured, modular website design was delivered for the IR partners website. In order to provide the white label behaviour for the site without having to construct custom HTML for each partner required a careful approach to the site layout and management of the various site UI elements. This was done through careful use of technologies such as CSS to modify the presentation of the website by providing a theme unique to the partner. The site structure itself remains the same with only the theme changing between each partner, this allows for a much more maintainable solution.

Current Results

Infinite Rewards now has more than a dozen partners and thousands of members regularly accessing its service. These members can now easily see what’s on offer in their rewards program providing increased business as well as valuable marketing data to the program partners.

Shivam Software Development Services

Shivam offers cutting edge software development solutions comprising the latest concepts in web application design and implementation on the Microsoft Windows ASP.Net MVC platform. We specialise in designing web application solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Shivam offers a range of services in addition to custom software development including SEO packages and Internet Marketing. Shivam will increase the number of visitors to your website using creative and innovative techniques such as Website Analysis, Keyword Analysis, Link Building Campaigns and more.

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  • We engaged Shivam to undertake web based application work with very ambitious timelines. I was particularly impressed with the speed with which they translated our needs into technical solutions, with outline options returned often the same day as our initial discussions..
    IDP Education Limited
  • Since we began working with Shivam Technologies we have seen a significant reduction in administrative time and effort, coupled with a large increase in registrations on our courses and programs. This is a testament to Shivam Technologies’ ability to develop a sophisticated administrative system, full on-line capabilities and an extremely effective website for Engineering Education Australia.
    Engineering Education Australia
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