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Business Overview

Engineering Education Australia"Engineering Education Australia wanted to provide an easy to use and connected experience for our clients to go online, register and pay for their professional development courses and with our course booking system we can exactly do that"

Engineering Education Australia deliver education and training on behalf of Engineers Australia, the peak body for engineers in Australia with more than 87,000 members.

Since 1989, Engineering Education Australia has delivered professional development specifically for the engineering team and in the nine years between 2001 and 2010 they delivered exclusive education and training programs to 12,145 engineers from 1,687 different engineering organisations.

Engineering Education Australia was looking to meet rising demands for detailed course information to be readily available online as well as online registration and a course management system that would help manage a wide variety of professional development courses and programs provided by multiple partner organisations.

Engineering Education Australia was looking for an easy to manage content management system which could be used by various staff members in multiple locations around Australia to have access and make updates instantly.

Customer Profile

Engineering Education Australia is Australia’s leading engineering professional development course provider for engineers and the engineering team in Australia.

Business Situation

Engineering Education Australia wanted an easy to use website and simple to manage online booking system to manage their professional development courses and programs effectively and for this to be integrated with their CRM system. They wanted to meet these needs without changing their entire infrastructure or without changing their current processes.

Business Needs

Engineering Education Australia is Australia’s leading engineering professional development course provider for engineers and the engineering team in Australia. They saw an opportunity to capitalise on the increasing demand for detailed course information to be readily available online as well as an online booking system and a course management system that could streamline their business and increase conversion of enquiry to delivery of service. Engineering Education Australia was also looking for new revenue streams for their business by marketing their services more effectively in the online space and through partner organisations and their parent company Engineers Australia.

They had to solve various business problems by finding solutions that met very strict criteria they set for the new system. This required a website that could be easily managed by staff without technical knowledge and to remove unnecessary administrative work that was involved in course registration and in managing course participants.

Client communication was one of the major requirements for Engineering Education Australia. They needed to keep their clients informed about their upcoming courses and programs. The current static site was not supporting easy content update and it made it difficult to add new content for courses and programs. Duplication of information was one of the major issues creating inaccurate information on the website (including critical information such as course locations, dates and costs).


Deployment of the simple to use SugarCube CMS system with integrated Course Management functionality. Integrated with an online payment gateway and direct communication to their CRM system.

The team at Shivam opted to work with Microsoft SQL server and to extend its Content Management System. The team specifically choose Microsoft MVC and JQuery based solutions to provide rich user interface but at the same time to keep programming at the cutting edge of technology. Combined with SQL server as a database engine it would allow the system to scale up easily in the future. The team at Shivam created cross browser applications to allow Engineering Education Australiato manage their courses from anywhere. The extensive set of web services will allow Engineering Education Australiato integrate data captured through online system into their internal CRM system and to follow up and manage their clients’ offline. Providing integration with Engineering Education Australia’s internal system now delivers a more streamlined business process management.

Powerful Integrated Featureset

SugarCube CMS leverages the powerful set of Microsoft technologies; Shivam was able to combine the expansive base class libraries of the Microsoft .NET framework with the best of breed development tools, such as Microsoft Visual Studio and SQL server. With in-house capabilities to work closely with the design team, the programming team has produced an easy to use user interface and seamless integration of course management system into the SugarCube Content Management System.

For Engineering Education Australia, this means they can now use one integrated system to manage their website content, create forms to get information and surveys from their clients and to manage their courses and course schedule. The system integrates with their CRM system to get the information on available course positions and transfer all the registration information back to their CRM system for further processing of applications.

Internet Marketing Capabilities

One of the main goals for Engineering Education Australia was to make life easier for their clients by delivering them up to date information on their courses and the option for online registration. They also wanted to open new revenue streams and to streamline their business. The team at Shivam carefully analysed their existing site and links to their site and provided detailed recommendations on how they could leverage their existing site without losing all their current links on the Internet. The Shivam Internet Marketing team came up with a list of detailed recommendations to preserve all the existing URL’s and links without compromising functionality of the new system.

Real time Information

The online payment gateway integration has made financial transactions very easy to manage. This was further helped by integrating Engineering Education Australia’s CRM system and also integrating the email marketing systems Huge cost savings due to reduced administrative time can be achieved when all of these systems work together without any duplication of work.


The simple to use, effective and integrated CMS system has provided many advantages to Engineering Education Australia. The flexible course scheduling system andonline payment facility also gives Engineering Education Australia a competitive edge over other similar education and training providers.

  • Increased flexibility
  • Increased local control
  • Increased stability and manageability
  • Increased website visibility on Search Engine
  • Increased credibility in the market by having an aesthetically pleasing and functional online presence
  • Faster Payments
  • Less Administration and more accuracy

Increase Conversion

The online easy to use course booking system provides more conversion (i.e. more engineers are enrolling into courses). Higher conversion is achieved by making sure that the website flow is monitored and tested for various combinations. Visitors must be able to find the information they want in a few clicks and their online payment experience has to be a pleasant one. Increased traffic flow and conversion using the online booking facility will significantly increase revenue for Engineering Education Australia.

Greater Agility

Engineering Education Australia can now go to the market with their new courses with very little delay. It is now easy to test new areas for courses by quickly running a survey or creating some sample pages to gauge interest. It is also much easier to update content on the website with the content management system. The simple to use course scheduling system also provides easy maintenance of the course schedule and the number of participants booked into a specific course. It also allows Engineering Education Australia to link their course schedule with their parent company, Engineers Australia event calendar which is another significant advantage for increased booking online.

Constant Client Communication

Secure document repository allows the management of documents and assigning access to a certain group of people. The Engineering Education Australia Blog will allow them to update events and news to clients. With the Blog facility and Email newsletter integration to their website, it makes it really simple for Engineering Education Australia to stay in touch with their prospects and clients.

Reduce Administrative Cost

By simply removing duplication of data entry, Engineering Education Australia can save significant costs in administration. Online payments will also make it easy for the finance team to go through courses and check against the payments. Email notifications are generated for every course registration and entry is posted in the CRM system to further streamline the course registration process.

Shivam Technology Services

Microsoft Communications Sector delivers integrated, adaptable, comprehensive solutions built on innovative software. These solutions help communications service providers develop, deploy, and evolve customised and differentiated offerings that enhance the user experience.

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Engineering Education Australia

Engineering Education Australia is Australia’s leading engineering professional development course provider for engineers and the engineering team in Australia. For more information about Engineering Education Australia’s professional development courses and events, please visit

Software and Services

  • Microsoft Server Product
    • Windows Server 2008 64-bit version
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008
  • Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 Express
  • JQuery
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Microsoft Team Foundation Server
  • Technologies
    • Internet Information Services 7.0
    • Microsoft .NET Framework
    • Microsoft ASP.NET 3.5
    • Web services


  • Dell PowerEdge Servers
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  • Since we began working with Shivam Technologies we have seen a significant reduction in administrative time and effort, coupled with a large increase in registrations on our courses and programs. This is a testament to Shivam Technologies’ ability to develop a sophisticated administrative system, full on-line capabilities and an extremely effective website for Engineering Education Australia.
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