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Shivam and Website Design

Excellent website design is a confluence of three factors, form, function and interactivity. One without the others will result in a website with little visual appeal, or little functionality, or little interactivity, all of which will defeat the purpose of the website in the first place – to attract traffic to it and encourage the desired actions among its readers.

We at Shivam, a web development company, are experts at combining these three factors of excellent design in websites. Take a look at how we do it.

Beautiful Website Design

Visitors to any website first notice the overall design of the website starting from its combination of colours and continuing into the elements of the page. This is understandable considering that our natural tendency is to first appreciate with our eyes and then with our brains.

Website design follows the general principles of design to catch the attention of site visitors, said principles of which include:

  • Precedence refers to the way that the user’s eyes are guided across the screen. Website designers use visual weight through the manipulation of position, color and contrast, among others.
  • Spacing refers to the balance between white space and filled space.
  • Navigation refers to the ease with which users can determine where to go and where they are in relation to the overall contents of the site.

These principles of design are already entrenched in the corporate culture of the best web development company like Shivam, which works for the benefit of clients.

Functional Website Development

But even with the most visually attractive website design in place, any website will be nearly useless without functionality at its core. Keep in mind that visitors must continue reading the contents of the site and browsing its pages, two actions that should lead to the desired conversions or actions. In short, websites are not just about pretty pictures.

Functionality in websites can best be complied with by:

  • Adhering to standards set by online users and experts, which enhances the users’ experience while on the site. For example, an underlined text usually leads to a link when clicked on.
  • Using prototyping protocols to anticipate the users’ actions.
  • Thinking about the desired actions on the part of users and then making it easy for them to act. For example, you can add icons on the homepage like “Start Shopping” or “About Us”.

Indeed, in website design as in most aspects of life, form follows function.

Interactive Websites

This is the so-called secret of excellence in website development and design – interactivity. Such interaction comes in many forms such as attractive offers, consumer feedback, and exciting contests, all of which are designed to encourage present and potential customers to go beyond, say, just shopping or just reading. This is, in fact, about creating an online community and then creating goodwill in it.

With so many factors to consider, why entrust website design to amateurs? Call Shivam and get the best results today or visit our web design portfolio here.