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A Clever Way to Build a Website to Increase Revenue

For a website to work, and be viewed by the targeted and intended audience, there has to be a plan in place to begin with. With a well-planned website design, you will not only be able to create traffic to your website but also generate multiple streams of revenue.

Sadly, many websites turn into online duds simply because they were built in a hurry without much thought put in the process. These websites, then just end up in cyberspace with no soul to it and sadly…no visitors to.

The whole idea of planning your website is to ensure that you optimise it for revenue as well as getting targeted traffic to the site.

One such way is to decide exactly whom you are targeting and what industry/ business sector you are targeting. This will help you with the content section of your website and laying out the website effectively. You can visit your competitor’s website and see what relevant sections they have to make sure you are headed in the right direction. Just make sure that you do not directly copy content form any website as this may result in your website being banned and blacklisted from search engines.

Keywords are often overlooked in a hurry to create a website. This is extremely relevant for a business website. It will be business harakiri not to invest in keyword research. You can always perform a search in search engines to see what keywords your competitors are using or simply visit their websites to view their source code. This is not illegal as the information is available in the public arena. Some websites disable their source code but you will still be able to find some keywords by reading the content.

If you have the marketing budget, it is best to employ the professional services of a website development company who perform keyword searches for their clients and prepare reports for them to advise the best keywords to use ; with the least amount of competition for their website content.

One of the most important thing people forget is sitemaps. This is a map of the entire site. It is crucial to have this in place and a good website company will ensure that a sitemap is created before the site is designed to ensure that all elements of the website is captured. Search engines favour a sitemap and their spiders crawl through the site map to check for relevance. Visitors also click in sitemaps to get a quick guide of all the pages on the website and are able to narrow down on the information they are looking for.

Following these few simple steps, will help you in your website success in the end. Just remember, that if you are a business with some marketing budget, it is best to consider the services of a website development company because they can include search engine elements in the development phase of the website to create a dynamic website.