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5 Things to Include in Your Mobile Website Design

One of the most absurd predictions made last decade was the possibility of mobile web users surpassing the number of traditional web users by 2014. For many, it was an over-exaggerated prevision of some overwhelmed techie. Yet, by the look of the latest stats, it seems that the prophecy is about to be fulfilled.

In 2012, most website views came from mobile phones. So, businesses that don’t have mobile website are missing a large percentage of possible prospects. Businesses are flocking to grab the opportunity by investing in mobile websites. However, without an optimised mobile website design, positive results and returns are not quite possible.

Here are five things that you must include in your mobile web design in order to ensure an experience that meets users’ expectations and your business goals.

  • Navigation – Make it Easier for Them

For any kind of website, navigation must be simple and easy. When it comes to mobile website design, you need to take it up one notch. Your prospects have smaller screens and it gets extremely frustrating when they need to keep clicking or scrolling for information they need. So, make sure you understand what they want and try to use huge buttons and easy drop down menus to help them around.

  • Content – Less is More

No one bothers to read a whole lot of text on a small screen. Too much text will appear clustered and will increase the scroll rate for the users. So, it’s not just useless but also annoying. The best way to do it is to keep it precise and to the point. Use pictures (one good picture will actually save you a thousand words), but make sure all pictures are optimized in terms of size and dimension.

  • Animation – Easy with the Flash

For web designers, it is really hard to resist the temptation to avoid flashy content. No wonder it is eye catching and attention grabbing. Yet, when it comes to mobile web design, these flashy things do nothing but strain the eyes and the device. These elements will increase the loading time for the page. In fact, flashy mobile web designs may not be compatible with every device and browser.

  • Compatibility – One size fits all

Speaking of compatibility, it is one of the major issues that must be answered by an effective mobile website design. In terms of browsers and operating systems, the mobile phone market is more saturated than the desktop market. So, a mobile website design must be able to offer similar and satisfying experience to all the users regardless of their device’s brand and OS.

  • Target – Tell Them what to Do

Since too much content is not a good idea to incorporate in a mobile website design, the mobile website must contain proper links and targets to navigate the users to other sources of information (it can be a link to the actual website as well). Same goes for the call to action. Don’t wait for the users to read all the way till the end before they actually find out what they need to do. Whether it is an ‘Order Now’ button or simple contact form, make sure it is instantly visible and accessible.

In short, mobile web design plays a very important role in keeping the viewers engaged while improving the conversion rate. So, it is very important to come up with an optimised mobile web design.