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New Internet Marketing Tool – Blogging

In the late 90s, blogging was a revolution in the making. In its earlier version, users would leave a comment on an existing webpage. It was an online opinion outlet. From a single sentence or two, blogging become a full on body of writing. Blogging has moved rapidly since the 90s and today, it is used as a powerful internet marketing tool.

Below are 5 uses of blogs used as internet marketing strategies:

Blogs are so simple.

There is no course to take or any expensive books to buy. Most of the information can be found on the internet with just a few clicks. Blogging is writing in the virtual world as opposed to writing on paper. The idea, logic are all the same, it is just a matter of communicating that information online. It is a great tool to showcase new products and services your business offers.


If you are in a position of power, e.g. the owner of the business, sign off on the blog to add creditability and authencity to the blog. It makes the blog more believable and adds a personal touch

Authencity counts for something

There is no doubt that many believe advertising and marketing is saturated. However, if your marketing efforts offer creditability and are targeted at a specific audience, nothing can stop you. Someone reading your blog will be impressed if you share a real life experience or personally claim to have tried a product. To a consumer, they need the assurance that someone before them have tried and tested a product. This is useful in industries such as beauty and electrical appliances where personal experiences count a lot.


If you have an online skin care business for example, you or your employee can personally endorse the product and advise the reaction on your skin. The more transparency, the more believable your blog becomes.

Free Blogging Anyone

Take advantage now. Yes, do it. Blogging is not really considered a mainstream proven online advertising media as yet.  The day that happens, blogging will become an expensive tool. Most business now uses blogging as part of one of their online marketing tools.  Anyone in a start-up company will tell you that free marketing and advertising is more than welcome. There are many paid blogs as well and can seriously generate more income for someone who wants to fast track business profits.


Start blogging like today, no more excuses. Use the free resources available on the Internet.

Credible the Incredible

Once you start blogging, you will realize that users of the Internet and your customers will be hanging to your every word, the next time you post a blog. If you write about a product or experience on a regular basis, you will be adding value to your website and fan following as your readers will be waiting to read your post. Without realizing it, you have now become an authority on a particular subject. Some bloggers have been invited to write for other blog posts as well! The advantage here in the business sense is simple: companies will notice the  growth of your readership and may offer you advertising on your blog posts (a sure winner) or make you an affiliate- meaning that if you are able to generate business for the company, you will get a certain cut.


Blogging is really one of the easiest way to generate constant targeted traffic to your site.

Build Your Business

Blogging will be a successful tool if you can sell it to your audience. You need to market your blog to your readers and not just your 5 circle of friends. The ultimate aim of your blog is to increase visitor usage to your website and make some money. To market your blog, you could:

  • Send an e-mail teaser out to your friends and colleagues to begin with. In the e-mail, a short e-mail, put some clever wording to attract the readers to your website. There is no doubt that e-mail is a viral form of marketing and it is a known fact that e-mail are forwarded all the time. If you have a really catchy e-mail, in no time the e-mail would have been sent across several continents and countries. Before long, your readership of your blog will increase!
  • Offer exclusivity to your blogs. You will be surprised that many people want to be treated specially and want to be part of something special. You can set up a subscription blog and entice your readers with special offers. Do not try to oversell, as it can backfire. Ensure you state on your blog site about the privacy of the information you collect to avoid headache later.-
  • One of your blog post, could be a simple, but fun questionnaire/survey. Do not bombard your readers with 50 questions. Just 10 or 12 effective questions to understand their preferences and profiles. Honest feedback will help you improve your blog post and eventually help achieve your business goals.

Blogging has certainly become a very important internet marketing tool and if you used correctly and effectively with the suggestions made, you have a sure winner.